Charmed Promotions Photo Release

For value received, I agree and consent that Charmed Promotions and itís nominees and assignees
may use any motion pictures, still photographs, videotape recordings, magnetic tape recordings,
optical recordings taken of ________________________________ or any reproduction thereof, in any
form, style or color, together with any writing and/or other advertising and/or publicity material in

connection therewith, including the use of my name, as Charmed Promotions may select. I
understand that my talents and/or services are to be used in connections with Charmed Promotions
This consent and release is given by me without limitations upon any use for projection playback, reprints,
rerun, broadcast, telecast on publications of every kind, including the advertising and publicity connected
therewith. I also agree that the originals and copies there from shall be and remain the property of
Charmed Promotions or itís nominees or assignees.I am over eighteen (18) years of age.
If subject is under 18, a parent or legal guardian must sign this consent on behalf of the minor.

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Address City, State, Zip

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Please note Charmed Promotions will now require at least a 24 hr notice of cancellations.
If a talent cancels with less than a full dayís notice, without a documented emergency or sickness,
talent will be required to pay a cancellation fee of the ENTIRE PROMOTION. This will either
be deducted from talent pay or talent will be required to pay within 14 days to Charmed Promotions 

This procedure will help prevent last minute cancellations and ensure clients that all bookings
will be executed smoothly.† This in turn, will help create more jobs for Charmed Promotions
and you the talent.

By signing below, you the talent agrees to the conditions stated above.

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